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Compare photos, find duplicates, delete similar images and manage your albums the smart way!
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5 November 2015

Editor's review

This program can find duplicates in digital photos and highlights the differences.

This utility is able to, automatically, compare digital photos and from there find duplicates. It will highlight the differences in the photos. This tool does not look for exact duplicates; that’s what many similar tools do. This tool is able to analyze comparable copies and mark the areas that are different. This will group photos together that it considers similar. The program will let you view the top ten similar photos. You can then visually compare them and retain the ones you want. This utility uses a technique known as CBIR or content based image retrieval. CBIR technique uses the actual image contents in RGB color component changes. The similarities found by this tool are based on this analysis and it marks out similar photos to the user for the final decision. Comparing this way helps when a large number of photographs are to be compared. Some of these copies may have been altered through cropping, resizing, etc.

Organizing and cleaning up becomes easy. In these days of easy availability of digital tools that can be used to take digital photos, duplicates are a problem often in the huge amount of photos we tend to take. It is able to compare photos in different formats, such as in RAW, JPEG, J2K, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA and many others. It finds duplicates regardless of the file type very quickly. It is able to analyze photos even when they may be in different resolutions and are rotated differently. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Compare photos, find duplicates, delete similar images and manage your albums the smart way. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will intelligently scan your photos, compare them just like a human would and help you delete duplicate photos quickly and easily.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced image similarity finder that is perfect for professional and amateur photographers, as well as everyone who has a large photo library. Unlike ordinary duplicate finders, Duplicate Photo Cleaner can compare photos based on how similar they look. This allows you to easily compare photos of the same subject and delete low quality shots that you don't need. You can also use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to sort through resized, edited and converted images.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner has two scanning modes - Standard Scan and Sector Detail Scan. In addition to that, there are two scanning algorithms. One compares photos using colors and is more accurate, while the other compares photos in grayscale and offers broader scan results. You can easily switch between these modes and algorithms in the program's settings.
In addition to being a great image similarity finder, Duplicate Photo Cleaner can find exact photo duplicates in a snap.
With Duplicate Photo Cleaner you will get rid of duplicate photos once and for all, and have a beautiful photo collection.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Version 2.10.7
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I love this program. It works great for finding and managing similar photos.
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